MyMD Select is reintroducing traditional service to deserving patients. Care for MyMD Select patient benefits go far beyond what is allowed within the current patient-insurance-physician system and exceeds expectations for executive-level concierge services by delivering an expanded model for personal, private, accessible and convenient medical care.

MyMD Select patient benefits include access to all the services that your Boarded Family Medicine doctor can offer. This list of expertise is extensive and cannot be matched by any other professional when it comes to your health and well-being. You will be personally guided through all steps and stages of your health care needs.


Access to your MyMD Select physician is comparable to meeting up with a dear friend or family member. MyMD Select enhances the level of communication between you and your physician to include cell phone, private patient portal, a private office line, text messaging, email and video messaging.


Please contact your local MyMD Select office during regular office hours to speak directly with your private MyMD Select nurse. The nurse will expedite any process required to satisfy your needs.


MyMD Select’s unparalleled standard of care is designed to make healthcare convenient for you.


Convenience was washed from medicine years ago by layers of complications put in place by regulatory bodies. At MyMD Select, convenience is extremely important. Regular office hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.) will be offered with full professional staff. After-hours access will be offered on an as-needed basis.

MyMD Select can involve technology with your medical care as you wish. The bells and whistles of the modern electronic world can be put in place to offer you the best access to your medical team and information as possible. For example, new technologies used by MyMD Select create opportunities for you to be monitored intensely in a lifestyle and weight management program by your physician.


MyMD Select members enjoy numerous private amenities, including a private waiting room created and customized for the comfort of our patients. MyMD Select’s private consultation suite creates a warm and open environment, fostering the valuable patient/physician relationship that will ensure each patient’s full understanding of medical conditions and therapies. MyMD Select also offers a private checkout system that is both convenient and service oriented. For your added convenience, private pharmacy services will be arranged in order to eliminate confusing and frustrating trips to the pharmacy.


In addition to advanced medical care, MyMD Select will help you navigate complex medical regulations and guide you on matters that affect your medical-legal health with comprehensive medical management solutions.

Advanced services include review and advice in establishing Advance Medical Directives, Medical Powers of Attorney, and Last Will and Testaments. MyMD Select also offers Life and Disability insurance review to ensure your medical-legal health is in tip-top shape and that you understand and receive the benefits you deserve.

Medical Tax Strategy

MyMD Select understands the way medical payments can be set up to take advantage of the current and ever-changing tax code. In many cases, when structured correctly, your medical expenditures can be done in a pre-tax manner. Employers and employees alike will benefit from learning how to avoid unnecessary taxation.