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Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership-based model where we have reserved our time only for those that are in our membership based practice. This model allows us to have ample time to look after your health, figure out exactly what the root cause of your problem is, and be able to conduct what the best and most economical solution is for you.

We have the time to protect your body as well as your wallet. We are also able to do many things right on your smartphone without you coming in. The DPC model allows us to accomplish all of these things, while being very efficient with your time


Family Medicine is a type of doctor who specializes in knowing 80% of all things and 100% of nothing. It is akin to a typical handyman or a jack of all trades. A family medicine doctor sees the big picture and does not get caught up in the details. With this type of overview and guidance the medical system can be efficiently navigated and your health can be discovered.


A family medicine doctor is like the quarterback of doctors; in charge of making crucial decisions that need to happen for greater health. Without this model, you can get into an extremely dangerous, expensive, and inefficient system of going from specialist to specialist.  


Functional medicine is an approach where we track back to the beginning and figure out what the dysfunctional piece was in the body or environment that led to the disease. This is accomplished through an entirely different set of sciences, which is separated from what was taught in allopathic medical school. By combining both the knowledge of our medical degree with the knowledge of functional medicine training, we can backtrack and fix the root cause of the problem. Therefore, alleviating all the diseases that were resulting in that problem in the first place.

The traditional medicine approach is to diagnose the disease and to treat the disease without its resolution.



MyMD Select provides executive-level primary care, personalized care, preventative care and healthy lifestyle management for women, men, seniors and children. Our patient care solutions are second to none.

MyMD Select will partner in your health and well-being by attending wholly and exclusively to your medical care.

With in-office evaluation and management of most health conditions both chronic and acute and in-house testing and labs at an average of 90% off retail costs, savings are passed directly to the patients who are part of the MyMD Select family. Concierge level pharmaceutical services will be enjoyed by MyMD Select patients, along with the convenience of home visits or visits to places of business, as well as in-hospital management and attending from your personal MyMD Select physician.



We are a regional East Texas Direct Primary Care Clinic. We have 4 beautiful offices and we do a great deal of work within the virtual space right on your smartphone. Our interest is in Saving you money and respecting your time while increasing your health. This typically means addressing the root cause of your problem rather than just throwing antibiotics and multiple prescription at you. We feel strongly about wellness and believe in the functional medicine approach to healing.


Through our membership based model we have aligned your goals and our goals. This model allows us to spend a great deal of personal time with our patients.

Our Locations

MyMD Select - Lufkin

415 S 1st St. Suite 130A

Lufkin, TX 75901

Phone: (936) 205-9922
Fax: (936) 205-9923

MyMD Select - Tyler

2385 Oak Alley,

Tyler, TX 75703

Phone: (903) 630-7130
Fax: (903) 705-0992

MyMD Select-Longview

2828 Bill Owens Parkway, Suite B

Longview, Texas 75605

Phone: (903) 309-1109
Fax: (903) 582-6867

MyMD Select-Nacogdoches

3618 North University Drive

Nacogdoches, TX 75965

Phone: (936) 205-9922
Fax: (936) 205-9923

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